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Hard Money For Realtors

Let's face the facts, in this market it is hard enough to get a client to buy or sell a house. You do all that work just to see the client denied by the bank and ran through the ringer by a broker. Don't give up; we have the solution.  We are bringing the world of alternative lending to the mainstream. No more calling around and wishing for the magical program you heard about.  We will find the program that will fund your client.  Your commissions will be saved with a click of a button. Best of all it's free and some of our programs offer Realtor loan commission participation.


Hard Money for Professionals

Hard Money for Brokers


Brokers have been leaving the industry by the thousands. The last men standing are the real hard working ones. For every real client you get you go through a dozen difficult scenarios. How many times can you call a listing for a direct lender that is fake or rude. How much time can you research difficult frustrating scenarios. What is balance of time versus commissions on the difficult deals. We are the solution. In minutes you can find the real program with a real direct lender. Finally fund your difficult deals. Our system will program match special broker protection, broker participation and wholesale programs.


Find Hard Money

Hard Money for Account Executive


The days of monthly guarantee versus draw are long gone. Lenders fighting over the best account executives is a thing of the past. In this market, the account executive has become a professional middle man who must be the go to source for funding requests. With AE commissions at a record low, the necessity to work with multiple lenders is a reality. The problem is lenders do not allow the wearing of more than one hat. We are the solution. Our platform allows account executives the ability to use our system and find lending program matches that have pre-built AE compensation on a per-file basis..


Hard Money for Service Providers

Service Providers in today's market are scrambling to get new work. Each and every transaction needs many different pieces to come together at the right time for a success of a funded transaction. With lending and home sales at all time lows each and every new client is a valuable commodity. How does a service provider prove to an industry in doubt that they are the best?  We have the solution through our verified service provider progam. Using real life client reporting data and rigorous screening processes we validated the best in the business. Each vendor has submitted company records  and personal background checks for review.


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